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Incomings for traineeships

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Academic Calendar:

Academic calendar 2021/2022

Application deadline: 30/06/2022

Requirements for admission to the Medical University of Lodz (Erasmus+ mobility for Traineeship)

To be accepted to the Medical University of Lodz as a participant of the Erasmus+mobility for Traineeship, students must:

  • Show proof of attendance at a University which must have been awarded the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE)
  • Fill in below document

  • Have at least a high beginning level of English (B1)
  • Submit to the International Relations Office at MUL (via e-mail) the documents enlisted below:
  • proof of attendance at a University (containing Erasmus University code i.e. PL LODZ03)
  • CV
  • cover letter (containing clearly defined areas of traineeship and dates of mobility)

Please be aware that due to limited number of places on the university hospital wards, the students from universities which have signed bilateral agreement with MUL are given priority to be accepted for traineeships.

Documents to be submitted (via e-mail) to the MUL after being accepted:

  • Learning Agreement for Traineeships
  • scanned copy of ID card or passport
  • scanned copy of EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) and private medical insurance: Accident Insurance, Civil liability insurance in private life, Professional civil liability insurance – territory of Poland (Civil liability in connection with the performance of medical activities and in connection with training to practice / practice medical and medical related professions in this profession as a pharmacist / biotechnologist / medical analyst. The insurance that compensates for damage caused in connection with the performance of professional activities, including: during internships; providing first aid; when carrying out medical security tasks for events). Might be purhased by using the services of our university insurance provider:


  • scanned copy of EU COVID certificate (please be aware that to be accepted for traineeship at MUL you must be vaccinated against COVID), scanned copy of vaccination card (immunization records) – provide a history of all the vaccines you received.


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* The Medical University of Lodz will continue to monitor the spread of the new COVID variants and its severity in our community and adjust plans when necessary for the safety and health of our campuses.

Contact person:

Janina Siejka