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Incomings for studies

Logo Erasmus

Useful information about the applicable recommendations for COVID-19:

Academic calendar:

Necessary documents which must be completed befor arriving:

The deadline for sending all documents together is 29th of July. Please remember about sending one documentary photografy and medical certification which should be adding into the same email with below documents.

Educational offert for Medicine Students:

Some courses from 1,2,3 years we can’t add in the same semester with courses from 4,5 years, becuase a lot of courses will be overlapping.
If You choice internal medicine and surgery blocks we won’t be able to provide acceptance for adding subjects from the first three years like: Pathomorfology&Toxicology, Introduction to Pediatrics, Laboratory Diagnostics, Introduction to Surgery, Physical Diagnosis II.

If You decide to choice surgery please remember that all Students must attend in all sub-courses to take the final exam.

Educational offert for Dentistry Students:

Medical University of Lodz opcional accommodation:

Recommend private accommodations:

Medical University of Lodz obligatory insurence:

Before the classes will start You are obliged to buy insurance from our website:

Insurance Safe Student’s Life 2022/2023 stands for :

1.Consequences of accidents – sum insured PLN 35,000

2. Medical Assistance

3. Civil liability in private life – guarantee sum of PLN 10,000, including civil liability:

– for damage to property rented, leased – a guarantee sum of PLN 5,000

– for damages caused as a result of amateur snowboarding and skiing

4. Civil liability for providing health services / medical activities / in connection with training to practice / practice as a doctor, nurse, pharmacist (or pharmaceutical technician) / biotechnologist / medical analyst / other profession educated as part of studies at the Medical University or owned property that is used in connection with this activity or profession performed in the territory of the Republic of Poland – a guarantee sum of PLN 50,000

If You will need any help please contact Your Polish Buddy or

*During the registration You will be asked to fill the :

Department Please choose – Centrum ds. Organizacji Studiów w języku Angielskim.

Specialization Please choose „lekarski” for Medicine and „lekarsko-dentystyczny” for Dentistry  

Year a Please choose „I st year”

After Your Registration You will receive an e-mail than You follow the link from e-mail, register and click INSURE on the top of the page.

Remember to change nationality for other in the data form!  

Practical information:

Legalization of stay important matters (below file was made by

Genaral information about Lodz:

Contact person:

Janina Siejka